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Food Security

At Oceana, we firmly believe that those of us fortunate enough to live above the breadline carry a profound responsibility towards those who struggle below it. Our unwavering commitment to our communities and our vision for a South Africa without hunger drive us to take action. We take great pride in our heartfelt efforts in addressing food security issues Our iconic Lucky Star products have become more than just a part of our brand; they are a symbol of hope and nourishment. Each can represents a meal, a source of sustenance for someone in need. Yearly, we distribute thousands of these cans to communities across South Africa. As one of our executives aptly put it, “Our commitment to alleviate hunger and to positively impact lives remains our strength in changing the lives of those in need.” In the pages that follow, we invite you to explore the stories, initiatives, and milestones that have marked our journey toward a South Africa where hunger, especially for young learners, is but a distant memory.

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