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Monday, May 4th, 2015,


Oceana Group Limited's 2013 Integrated Report provides material information relating to the group's strategy, governance practices and performance for the financial year ended 30 September 2013

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Oceana Lobster

Oceana Group

The Lobster, Squid and French Fries division includes three SBUs, which share a number of similar attributes in processing and marketing, and where synergies in administration make management more effective and the businesses more profitable. The division is internationally respected as a reliable producer and exporter of prime quality live and frozen South African rock lobster and frozen squid product and produces and markets value added potato products through Lamberts Bay Foods.

About Lobster, Squid and French Fries

This division of the Oceana Group is an industry leader with over 90 years' experience in fishing, processing and marketing. Factories are situated on the West Coast of South Africa, from Lambert's Bay to Port Elizabeth.

Oceana Lobster
(West Coast Rock Lobster (Jasus Lalandi) and South Coast Rock Lobster (Palinurus Gilchristi))

Oceana Lobster Limited (Oceana Lobster) is the lobster processing operation of Oceana, which has processing facilities on the West Coast of South Africa.

Oceana Lobster is internationally respected as a reliable producer and exporter of prime quality South African Rock Lobster products. The division produces and exports quality live and frozen lobster . The company operates in strict accordance with Ministry controls and annual TAC's to ensure the sustainability of the resource. These include minimum carapace length, a closed season, catch limits and prohibition of taking ovigerous females (females in berry) or soft-shelled specimens.

On-going research, development and training ensure that our products are produced to the highest international standards. The complete process is handled in accordance with HACCP standards; from catching, processing and through the cold chain, to arrival in international markets.

Oceana Lobster operates a fleet of 11 specialised vessels catching along a thousand kilometre stretch of South Africa's coastline and 2 HACCP accredited processing plants which produce live, whole frozen, nitrogen frozen and Lobster tails. Products are marketed across the globe to the Far East, Europe and the USA.

Lobsters are caught with baited lobster pots and kept alive in sea-water tanks. World class factories ensure hygienic preparation, freshness and international quality standards. Only lobsters in perfect condition are processed for export. Oceana has extensive freezing and cold storage facilities at each of its factories as well as direct access to Cape Town International Airport.