Oceana Group

Thursday, 30 July 2015


Oceana Group Limited's 2014 Integrated Report provides material information relating to the group's strategy, governance practices and performance for the financial year ended 30 September 2013

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CCS Logistics

Oceana Group

CCS Logistics (operating as Commercial Cold Storage in Namibia) owns and operates 11 public refrigerated warehouse facilities in major centres and harbours of South Africa and Namibia. It offers a service in the supply chain of perishable products from producer to consumer.

CCS Logistics offers customers in excess of 140 000 refrigerated pallet positions for cold storage, as well as fruit handling, blast freezing and transport. Its stores are capable of storing product at temperatures from ambient to well below zero, with the Duncan Dock store in Cape Town reaching as low as -60 °C. It is thus suitable for poultry, fish, meat, vegetables, dairy, margarine and fruit. Fruit activity is in "commercial" (unsterilised fruit) and sterilised fruit. Sterilised fruit is processed through a specialised low-temperature sterilising system offered at the purpose-built Maydon Wharf Fruit Terminal in Durban.