Oceana Group

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Oceana Tidings

The Oceana Tidings is Oceana's corporate magazine, which is aimed at informing key stakeholders about the group's operations, its commitment to the highest standards of ethical and responsible behaviour, as well as its economic contribution in South Africa. It was inititally produced as an internal publication but was distributed to external stakeholders from 2011 as part of the group's strategy to improve its stakeholders' knowledge and understanding about the Oceana Group.

Oceana Tidings - December 2014 Oceana Tidings - December 2013 Oceana Tidings - October 2012 Oceana Tidings - June 2012 Oceana Tidings - March 2012 Oceana Tidings - December 2011 Oceana Tidings - April 2011