Oceana Group

Group environmental policy

Oceana's Environmental Policy for all activities is underpinned by an approach that seeks to utilise natural resources in a sustainable, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

Environmental responsibility

Companies globally are challenged to balance competing demands, such as increasing shareholder value, with sustainable business practices. As such, Oceana recognises that practices introduced today have a long-term impact for future generations and that its operations impact the environment significantly.

Oceana monitors and manages the use of all material resources across the business. The table below provides the usage trend for the last 5 years.

Oceana Resource Table 2013

Policy and strategy

The group's environmental policy, approved by the board and reviewed annually, is published on the corporate website. Strategy, to give effect to the policy, is reviewed and updated regularly at executive and senior management level. The chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible at board level for implementation of the policy, while divisional managing directors are responsible at operating level.

Oceana’s updated environmental policy as at November 2013