Oceana Group

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Carbon footprint

Oceana Group Limited (Oceana) commissioned Global Carbon Exchange (GCX) to conduct the group's carbon footprint analysis of its operations.

Oceana operated through various divisions as broken down in this report:

  • Oceana Brands (OB) – Operating in South Africa and Namibia (Etosha)
  • Commercial Cold Storage (CCS) – Operating in South Africa and Namibia
  • Blue Continent Products (BCP) – Operating in South Africa and Namibia
  • Oceana lobster, squid and French fries (LSF) – Operating in South Africa only

Note: For the purposes of the Carbon Footprint Report, and for consistency with the previous two reporting year emissions inventories, there are instances where all Namibian and South African operations were grouped together, except for the OB activities in Namibia (Etosha), which are reported on separately.

In November 2013 Oceana launched a new corporate brand strategy which saw the following divisions' names change as below:

  • Oceana Brands became Lucky Star
  • Commercial Cold Storage became CCS Logistics (South Africa only)
Carbon Footprint 2014 Carbon Footprint 2013 Carbon Footprint 2012 Carbon Footprint 2011


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